TONIGHT! The motherfucking SOUNDS at Mandalay Bay! The amount of excitement can’t even be described. ↘

Still trying to get my head around Alissa moving over to Arch Enemy and Angela stepping down, but after hearing this track I think this is going to be a sick combination. \m/



16th Century German Book Opens in 6 Ways to Reveal 6 Books
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Three weeks from tonight, House of Blues in Vegas… this shit is going off. \m/ ↘

Season 4 is coming… and probably some more winter too. ↘

New Butcher Babies video for “I Smell a Massacre”

I seriously need to see this band live again. 

The Sounds - Hurt the Ones I Love ↘

One of my favorite tracks off the latest album.  So happy they made a video for it.  It strikes so true.

In This Moment ↘

The official video release for “Whore”. 

If life had a theme song, this would be it.

"You love me for everything you hate me for."

One-eyed Doll recently re-released their Monster album, Monster (Re-Monstered) and it still kicks ass especially with the new touches.  Plus Junior on drums for the full album is just killing it.  Pick it up at the link below, it’s so fucking worth it.


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